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Legend of the Piper Girl, a new, free Visual Novel from UnbrokenHours has been released (Along with the FREE OST)!

This new visual novel from the upand coming company UnbrokenHours, is a game created in a month and a half.

Here’s the free game.

And here’s the free OST.

Enjoy this well made game, along with the Soundtrack!

Keep pursuing your dreams! ~ Hill & Wynn

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6 new album releases from TheTwins! All albums for Extemporaneous Project are FREE to DOWNLOAD!

One is a collection of 4 albums called “Outside Normal Thinking” Each over 70 minutes!

One is an electronic album called “Iconic Nano Machines” this is 50+ minutes.

And a personal album composed by Wynn Smith called “To Feel The Ocean” This album is also 50+ minutes.

All albums for “The Extemporaneous Project” are free as well! Please enjoy them!

Keep pursuing your dreams! – Hill & Wynn

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Tropa Entertainment mini-game “Crazy Chicks” has been released!

This promising up and coming new company hased released a mini-game to hold off some of it’s players for the much bigger games to come!

Cick on the picture, and then the “Check it Out” Button to play this fun free game!

Enjoy the groovy world of Crazy Chicks!

Keep pursuing your dreams! – Hill & Wynn

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Zombie Apocalypse game “Deadly 30” has been released.

This fun game created by popular Newgrounds user Gonzossm, is about a zombie apocalypse, and a select few must survive.

You can purchase this game for $5, click on the picture to go to the website.

All of the music (Except for the trailer music) was composed by my brother and I.

Enjoy this fun game!

Keep pursuing your dreams! – Hill & Wynn

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Second game released by N-Star Studios, Animal Match em’ All!

The second game of this trilogy, with 9 original tracks, 4 new tracks were composed for this fun little children’s game!

Click on the picture to view the details, and don’t forget to check out Animal Spell em’ All on you way there!

The app is 0.99$.

Animal Spell em’ All has a free app, and the full game is $1.99.

Have fun with these great children’s games!

Keep pursuing your dreams! – Hill & Wynn