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When They Won’t Stay Dead – A Steam Visual Manga (IN THE GREENLIGHT STAGE)


When They Won’t Stay Dead is a story about a zombie outbreak, however the story is more focused on emotions and characters, rather than gore and shock. Think the Walking Dead turned into a manga.

Yes, you read that right. A visual manga. Why is this something to be surprised about? Most games in this style are called visual novels, they are stories where you read text on a screen with pictures accompanying them. You can take different paths throughout the story and have many different endings. This game is similar to that, except the visual style is done like a manga. A manga is basically a Japanese comic book. I have heard that presenting animation (yes, this product has animation) in this style if very difficult. This style gives this product a very unique touch to the millions of visuals novels out there in Asia.

Please help this game come to life by getting it greenlit on steam! This project has been in the works for years now, and it would help us greatly!

(Please click here or on any of the pictures to go to the steam page)


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Nothing To Fear – New Animation Short

A hilarious ten minute film full of slapstick and crude humor (in good taste) of two super heroes just doing their jobs. I recommend just watching it. It’s full of jokes poking fun at these two “Superheroes.”

(Please click on the picture to watch the video)


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