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Now Streaming on Spotify, and other Platforms!

Hello, everyone! As you have seen, we have music uploaded on various platforms!

For a little more info on what these platforms are, please watch this video:

– Here are the albums we currently have uploaded:
Beast of Chaos
Beast of Chaos II
Boson Particles
Extemporaneous V
Heartstring Bugs OST
War of the Shyguys OST
House of Seasons
– Newly Released albums:
DragonSkies – Rise of the Hexenators
Journey for Peace Upon the Village
Camera Di Oboi
Club Shuffle
The Places and Faces Left Unknown

We will send updates whenever we have new music to share.

Here is a link to our music on Spotify:

Here is a link to our music on Amazon, for anyone who wants to purchase:…

We hope you all will enjoy! Keep pursuing your dreams, and happy composing!

~ The Twins Compositions

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