Our Services Include:

  • Composition

  • Songwriting

  • SFX

  • Lyrics

  • Mixing

  • Voice Acting


    Preferable conditions for use of our Services

    1. We own all of the rights to our music.

    2. An OST will be made of the music we compose for you to be sold physically or digitally, you also get a % of the sales if you agree to do so.

    3. Payment is required but negotiable (ballpark is $50 a minute), We would prefer a % residual payment for X units sold, also negotiable.

    4. Be extremely detailed on what music you would like, and please respond honestly and within a reasonable amount of time.

    5. Please be open to the music we will send you, we work very fast, so it will not be a problem if the piece we send is something that does not fit at first, we can easily compose more.

    6. Credit us as “TheTwinsCompositions [And/Or] Hill & Wynn”

    7. Please refer us to anyone you know who may need music for a project they are working on as well.

    8. Please do not hesitate to ask us to do extra work such as voice acting, mixing, ect. But this is optional.

    9. We prefer to telecommute for various reasons. This is negotiable depending on the job.


    Please contact us through our business E-mail:

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