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Beast of Chaos [Remastered] is ready for Re-Download, for $13.13!

Beast of Chaos

The eerie soundscape, eclectic terror and joyous macabre sounds of Beast of Chaos are now available. Very useful on Halloween.

Completely remastered and now up for sale! Only for $13.13.

Beast of Chaos Album Artwork

Artwork by our friend, Julian De Leon:ShiningPaladin’s DeviantArt Page

Keep pursuing your dreams! ~ Hill & Wynn

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EastBeastFilms Released “War of the Shyguys”!

This is a high flying-adventure animation using Paper Mario Characters, we all know how nostalgic that is.

This project started all from a listen to the amazing soundtrack of “Porco Rosso”, with such inspiration driving this project, there can only be a great adventure ahead! Will the story continue? Please give a high rating to help inspire us!

Enjoy this entertaining falsh.

Esteban was so great to work with, he’ll make sure you have everything you need to start the project, treating you like a friend as well as being directorial, if you’re wondering about working with him, do it, he has the dedication and inspiration to complete anything he starts.

Don’t miss the soundtrack up for download on Bandcamp for free! If you’re feeling generous, please donate! More amazing music is to come!

Thank you so much, enjoy!

“This world is so full of beauty, and amazment, just take a look around.”

Keep pursuing your dreams! ~ Hill & Wynn

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Pwanchi Productions released episode 3 of “Pwanchi Burger”!


The Third episode of Pwanchi Burger is now open for viewing!

The show was created by Cody Fair, Ryan Fair, and Logan Webster.

Support them by subscribing to their content! They’re very funny!

My brother and I compose the music to this series, this show  is still getting better, and better!

Keep pursuing your dreams! – Hill & Wynn

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